Details of the Gyanjyoty Academy supported by Gyanjyoty Rural Development Welfare Trust

In the outskirts of Bodhgaya, many families rely on large families and children to help with farming. Poverty and illiteracy is a real problem in this part of Bihar. Many parents because of poverty parents don’t want to send their children to school. Due to poverty and general disempowerment, many children are instead sent to beg near the UNESCO world heritage site of the Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya.

  • Started in: October 2008
  • No. Of Students: 270 enrolled; Daily attendance varies around 220-240 (will likely increase after some children enrolled in mainstream school!)
  • Teachers employed by Gyanjyoty Trust: Currently 8; will increase to 9 from June
  • Support Staff employed by Gyanjyoty Trust: 1
  • Struggling to provide school books; Good supply of notebooks and stationeries; School bags, pencil boxes, Educational and play items, etc.; another set of uniforms, etc

This is one of the schools which will be the major focus in the year 2011. We need to bring the remaining children and enroll at least 50 children to mainstream school by next academic year! we need to also ensure that the children admitted to mainstream school catch up with their academic pressure through rigorous classes this year!

Background and needs

Bodhgaya, with a population of around 6 lakhs, is the southern part of Bihar and is affected by Maoist. Bodhgaya is a holy place for Buddhists. Bodhgaya is a famous center for Buddhist pilgrims and even has an international airport. There have been several grants from national and international bodies for the development of Bodhgaya, however, it ranks among the lowest in all development indicators in India. Bodhgaya’s economy totally depends upon agriculture and tourists.

Village beside the Bodhgaya is underprivileged, the main source of their income is working on other’s field or Labour in construction sites. Their wages are so less that they some time unable to feed their families, due to this they send their children to World Heritage Sites across Bodhgaya to Beg.

Most of these children had never been to school since their parents have very less income.

Objectives and AIM

  • To provide an opportunity to children so that they get access to basic education
  • To help them get admitted in mainstream medium schools in age-appropriate classes
  • To monitor their studies through regular classes and guiding them to higher studies and ultimately establish them in life in their chosen field
  • On a macro note, the aim is to dent the vicious circle of poverty through education and employment

Our Request

To complete infrastructure needs

We are in need of funds towards construction and repair of flooring etc. Last year the school was able to construct separate male and female toilets for the students.

Below are the estimated quotes for the same:

Wall Tiles sq. ft. 1,360 65  88,400
Floor Tiles 520 65  33,800
Putty 25 960  24,000
Paint 20 250  5,000 20 litre
Concerto cement 50 390  19,500
White Cement 60 65  3,900
Transportation 2,500  2,500
Sand 3 1,600  4,800 3 trailers
Tiles Labour Charge sq. ft. 1,380 14  19,320
Putty and Paint Labour Charge sq. ft. 1,200 11  13,200